Illinois HIV Planning Group

 Why Community Involvement

The HIV epidemic is a very diverse one. Who is infected with HIV varies from community to community. Even within different groups affected by HIV, the values and practices of local communities vary from city to city. Prevention is successful when it reaches people where they are in their lives--not where others think they ought to be.

With community planning the local community and those infected and affected by HIV determine the scope, depth and content of HIV prevention programming. In other words, the values and priorities of the community determine what is important and what is not.
Does the ILHPG make a difference?
Yes. Until community planning, government support for creative programs was limited. We've had to depend on private funding or our own volunteer efforts to develop the most creative programs. Now the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the communities for whom these services are intended share decisions about HIV prevention activities, services, and funding. Take advantage of this opportunity to encourage the innovators in your community to come aboard.

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