History of the Illinois HIV Planning Group

About Us

In 1994, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) asked state and local health departments across the United States to initiate community planning to create recommendations for federally funded HIV prevention programs.

As a result, the Illinois HIV Prevention Community Planning Group (PCPG) was formed. Community prevention planning reflects the belief that HIV prevention priorities and needs can best be determined in the community at the local level. The goal of community planning is to slow the spread of AIDS and prevent new HIV infections through increased community involvement.

Then, in 2012...In response to the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, CDC releases it's High Impact Prevention (HIP) approach in guiding HIV prevention programs in CDC's 5-year HIV Prevention Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) PS12-1201 for Health Departments. CDC releases updated Guidance for HIV Community Planning Groups now called HIV Planning Groups (HPG's).

What can you do?

The HPG seeks meaningful involvement from community members like you to help continually refine and tailor HIV prevention that is culturally sensitive, scientifically sound, and addresses the unique needs of those communities at highest risk.

To participate, just show up at a meeting or take part in a meeting by conference call. Meetings alternate between statewide phone conference calls and open meetings in different cities across Illinois. In order to become a member, fill out the application and forward appropriately.

For information on the date, time, and location of the next HPG meeting contact Janet Nuss (217)524-4759.

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