Principles of Respectful Engagement

To promote a positive environment for open discussion by all participants, and to maximize efficiency, the ILHPG, its members, and other parties involved in the community planning process shall participate in meetings under the following ground rules:

HIV Prevention Planning Group Interactions will follow the Principles of Respectful Engagement:
    Our focus is HIV prevention planning. The ILHPG is dedicated to eliminating the spread of HIV, and all members share this commitment. As ILHPG Members we must focus on the situations, issues and/or behaviors surrounding the spread of HIV and not on “the person”.
    Value differences. One of the fundamental principles of community planning is the inclusion of diverse perspectives. All perspectives, values, and opinions are valid in community planning. We must agree that “to disagree” is okay.
    Decide through consensus. Although most decisions are made by a vote, the ILHPG shall strive to reach consensus before a vote is taken.
    Watch communications needs. Everyone processes information differently, and it every member’s responsibility to ensure that they and their fellow members receive information in a manner that is clear and useful to them.
    Share airtime. The facilitator will seek to ensure that conversations are not dominated by a small number of people, but it is every member’s responsibility to ensure that all members who wish to speak on an issue have an opportunity to do so.
    Avoid repetitions. One way to maximize shared airtime is for members to avoid repeating what they already said or what one of their fellow members has said.
    Be specific with examples. The best communication happens when members speak concretely as opposed to abstractly. As much as possible, it is helpful to give specific examples when discussing an issue.
    Give respectful feedback. PCPG members show respect for one another as people by avoiding personal attacks and the use of labels, listening with understanding and restricting process observation to behavior only (and not assume we know another’s motives).
    Focus on the issue. Although everything a member contributes to the community planning process has value, selection of the time and place to discuss an issue is critical. If there is an issue of great salience to a member but it is not related to the agenda item, s/he may bring it up at another time. In addition, “focus on the issue” means that the issue is what is at stake, not any particular person’s stance on the issue.
    Avoid sidebars. Side conversations during meetings are distracting and disrespectful. However, translators or those assisting people with disabilities to participate in the meeting may converse with ILHPG members during meetings as needed.
    Observe the agenda. ILHPG meetings and members will focus on agenda topics and timelines provided, or formally renegotiate as a group for any deviations.
    Call the process. It is OK to respectfully call “process” or “point of order” at any time, particularly if someone’s rights are being violated by an incorrect or inappropriate use of the process governing meetings.

ILHPG meetings will start and end on time.
ILHPG members and presenters should avoid using acronyms as much as possible, or explain them thoroughly, to maximize understanding of everyone present.
If an individual or small group accepts an assignment, they will complete it on time or signal as early as possible that they cannot do so.
Members are expected to fully participate in the whole day’s agenda for ILHPG meetings.
It is OK to have fun

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